Journey Beyond Asanas: The Deep Dive Into Yoga Philosophy

There is not shortage of online yoga teachers and yoga schools but only a handful of these schools come close to what you learn at Marianne Wells Yoga School, it is among the handful of yoga schools which is helping people understand what the ancient yoga practices are and the training you get at Marianne Wells Yoga School will make sure that you get more out of your yoga session than just physical fitness.

Enables you to better your practice by making you understand the principles and philosophies behind the asanas, ancient yoga practices are pretty different from the modern western yoga which is driven by fitness and most of them are offering a physique which people are after, but what separates the best from the rest is that they are able to take you upon the journey beyond the asanas and help build a strong understanding of the yoga philosophy

YogaDifferent types of practices are being taught because yoga is not just about breathing and stretching, unfortunately those who in the business just to make money keep it limited to that and they even bring noticeable results but that is not the purest form of yoga, for that you have to take a deep dive within because yoga is all about creating a connection between your body and soul, you have to take your mind into the state of meditation in order to reap the benefits of yoga.

The school never fails to provide something out of the ordinary and given the number of amazing yoga retreat locations it has, with the likes of Costa Rica and Spain, there is just something about this yoga school that separates it from the crowd, you should look no further than Marianne Wells Yoga School for your yoga retreat and yoga teacher training requirements.